May 26 2021

The story of Astralis Nexus

Astralis Nexus is a completely unique esports and entertainment center where you can discover, nurture, and share your passion for gaming.

A gaming community for everyone

Astralis Nexus is for everyone. Experienced gamers can meet up with friends and grind out their favorite game together or curious beginners can be introduced to the world of video games. Or if you are an Astralis fan, it’s a place where you can share your passion and love for the teams with each other and the #AstralisFamily.

Everyone visiting Astralis Nexus will be welcomed with open arms into a vibrant and inclusive gaming community.

Founded in 2016, Astralis has a vision to champion the positive potential of gaming and esports and believes in the power of gaming and esports to bring people together. Astralis Nexus offers another way for gamers — from the casual to the professional — to discover a new interest, grow their passion, and share their excitement with a like-minded community. The 1200 sqm space is home to more than 130 state-of-the-art gaming stations, four VIP rooms, three streaming hubs, an auditorium for mini-tournaments and viewing parties, a showroom, a merchandise shop with all the newest — and some yet-to-be-released — products, and more.

Astralis Nexus is your entry point to gaming, esports, and entertainment. We can’t wait for you to visit.