May 27 2021

Private events: Let us customize your experience


Whether you are celebrating your birthday, organizing a friend’s bachelor’s or bachelorette party, hosting a company event, or craving a private setting to game, the Astralis Nexus VIP Rooms are perfect for you.

In Astralis Nexus’ VIP Rooms it is possible to customize your event down to the last detail. Our hosts are ready to fulfill all your needs and wishes and (almost) everything is possible.

Our four VIP Rooms accommodate 10, 10, 10, and 12 gaming stations. Email now or call +45 31 41 15 16 for a gaming experience like never before.


Host your event in the optimal Astralis surroundings. Our amazing auditorium is the perfect setting for events of almost any kind.

The Astralis Nexus Auditorium accommodates up to 40 people and offers all the equipment needs for your private event. Whether you’re launching a product, organizing a panel, or hosting a tournament, the Astralis Nexus Auditorium can accommodate you.

Reach out or call us at +45 31 41 15 16 for more information on how to personalize the space for your event.