May 31 2021

Grand Opening of a modern gaming paradise

Saturday, June 19 at 10 AM, Astralis Nexus will open its doors to a brand-new gaming and entertainment center in the heart of Copenhagen.

On Opening Day, all guests will have the chance to meet the players from Astralis’ Counter-Strike and FIFA team as well as all the Astralis Talent players. For the occasion, the Astralis merchandise store will have goodie bags for the early birds and a bunch of special deals throughout the entire day.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, CRO and Co-founder, Astralis:

– Astralis Nexus will no doubt be the most modern and well-equipped center for gaming and entertainment in Denmark.

– Of the 1200 sqm, 800 of them are dedicated to gaming with 130 high-end gaming stations, streaming hubs, VIP rooms, facilities for our pro teams, and an auditorium with room for 40 guests. There will also be a 300 sqm showroom for our products as well as our partners including a state-of-the-art merchandise store for the thousands of Danish and international fans who annually visit Copenhagen.

Gaming and entertainment on a whole new level

Astralis Nexus is, in every sense, a new concept with quality in rarely seen in that magnitude. With room for hardcore gamers, members, hobby players of all levels, those who want the ultimate VIP experience, and of course fans, Astralis Nexus embraces the diversity and all the positives of esports and gaming. Of course with the possibility to order pizza, sandwiches, sushi and everything else on the menu, that also has Astralis’ own energy drink available.

Fun facts

For construction we have used:

– 980 m2 cast

– 1,130 m2 plywood

– 220 m2 isolation

– 5.7 kilometers of power cables

– 8.9 kilometers of data cables

– 135 spot lights

– 226 m2 so every room can go completely dark

You can find:

– More than 26,000 Astralis logos in different sizes thoughout the facilitiy.

– 130 x 24,5” computer monitors, 175 monitors total

– 200 m2 outside deck overlooking the Tivoli garden

– Full AC system

– Four VIP rooms with room for 10 to 16 guests

– Training room for the Astralis teams

– All the most popular PC games to choose between

– 2x 10 GB internet lines

– 130 PCs with i7 processors


Logitech: Mouse, keyboard, mousepad, and headset on all gaming stations

Hummel: Shop in shop

OMEN: PCs and monitors for all the gaming stations and shop in shop

B&O: TV monitors for the VIP rooms and sound on both floors

Garmin: Instinct esports edition wearable in streaming hubs

Lunar: Exclusive discounts for Astralis x Lunar members

Royal Unibrew: Astralis Utility x CULT in the café