Astralis Nexus is open all days of the week, 10:00-23:00 – Fridays and Saturdays; the gaming center stays open until 5’o’clock in the morning for those extra intense gaming sessions.


October 9: Oldboys.GG at Astralis Nexus!
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October 20-21: Play Fortnite with t0nse and Oliver Ly!
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October 22: Wingman tournament with Kranzz!
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October 24: CS:GO Bootcamp for intermediates
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November 7: CS:GO Bootcamp for intermediates
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November 21: CS:GO Bootcamp for beginners
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Come to Astralis Nexus and watch world-class esport in our state-of-the-art auditorium. There is free entry and space for 40 people.

Want to secure a spot for you and your pals? Call us at +45 31411516 and reserve in advance.

Have a suggestion for a match to watch on the big screen? We’re always open for input on

October 10:
IEM Fall Quarter-finals
17:00 – Astralis vs. Fiend
20:15 – G2 vs. ENCE

October 11:
IEM Fall Semi-finals
17:00 – Match 1
20:15 – Match 2

October 12:
IEM Fall Grand Final

October 12-17:
BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown

We’re also up for showing matches from the following tournament, if the attendees wishes to:
Oct. – Nov. 14
WePlay Academy Ligaen 2021 Sæson 2

Oct 7-17
The International (DOTA)

Oct. 5 – Nov. 6
Worlds 2021

Oct. 12-17
Blast Premier: Fall Showdown

Oct. 26 – Nov 7
PGL Major Stockholm

Nov. 24-28
Blast Premier Fall Final

Dec. 14-19
Blast Global Final