Tickets are available through Billetto here. (in Danish)

On 31 Juli, Astralis Nexus will host a Saturday filled with upcoming CS:GO-legends, who want to improve their game and learn from the best.

While Counter-Strike can be both fun and entertaining, it is also an incredibly complex game with a vast skill ceiling. Enjoy a day at Astralis Nexus and learn some of the tricks that helped Xyp9x secure his title as the ‘Clutch Minister’ in a pre-recorded video session from Xyp himself, while being taught by Dennis ‘VNG’ Vang, Head of Talent at Astralis throughout the day.

We will combine learning and gameplay sessions through the day, leaving all participants better equipped for future matchmaking – and one step closer to becoming the next clutch king. 🙌

The bootcamp is an all-day event, from 9 am to 5 pm, with lunch included in the price.

The day begins by separating participants into teams, whereafter a prerecorded session with Astralis’ very own Xyp9x is presented. Astralis’ Head of Talent Dennis ‘VNG’ Vang will then walk participants through the learnings, with both theoretical and practical exercises. Later in the afternoon, further practice is on the menu, finishing off with a competition between the participants, focusing on the theme of the day.

Are you up for the challenge?


09.00 – Welcome, tour, and division into teams.

09.30 – Setting up participants.

10.00 – Prerecorded session with Xyp9x.

10.30 – Live session with Dennis ‘VNG’ Vang.

11.00 – Practical exercises and theory.

12.30 – Lunch.

13.00 – More practical exercises and theory.

15.00 – Competition focusing on today’s theme.

17.00 – Thank you for today.

PRICE: 599 DKK (Lunch incl.)

Purchase tickets through Billetto here.